The partners of MLC together bring more than 100 years of experience to the field of 

histocompatibility and immunogenetics testing. Each has extensive experience in not only directing their own laboratories, but also as consultants for other laboratories in the US and Canada. All fulfill the requirements and qualifications of ASHI, UNOS, NMDP and CLIA to be recognized as Laboratory Directors, Technical Supervisors and Clinical Consultants and are board certified by the American Board of Histocompatibility Testing or the American Association of Bioanalysts. All are eligible to provide services under the Medicare and Medicaid. In recognition of the scarcity of qualified histocompatibility laboratory directors, MLC Group LLC was formed in 2001 with the aim not only of providing director services, but also to recruit and train qualified individuals to become directors. By building relationships with your transplant teams and providing consultation based on years of experience, we can help enhance the value of your laboratory within the transplant community. A broad portfolio of services is available depending on your laboratory’s needs. Our partnership enables us to provide coverage on a 24/7 basis as well as a breadth of experience usually unavailable in a single individual. We look forward to meeting you.

Why Choose MLC Group?

Who Are We?

When you select MLC Group to address your transplant laboratory needs, you benefit from a combination of three highly skilled Directors, each with unique experiences and capabilities. MLC Group is exceptionally positioned to help your laboratory and its leadership meet the needs of the transplant programs and patients you serve. Whether you are needing transitional direction, technological enhancement, programmatic education, recruitment assistance, or general troubleshooting, MLC Group can help your organization provide state-of-the-art HLA laboratory services in a complex financial and regulatory environment.